Why is the iPhone X not charging?

One of the most annoying breakdowns associated with Apple technology is the problem with the battery. The reasons why the iPhone X doesn’t take a charge there’s a lot going on inside of the logic board. However, most of them can be handled independently.

Apple’s smartphone may not charge for several reasons:

  • Damaged cable, power supply or USB adapter. This problem is determined by examining accessories to identify the presence of physical damage (dents, tears, signs of fusion).
  • Using low-quality fake cable’s. The original cable is equipped with a connector and a USB plug made of solid metal, they look pretty accurate.
  • Charging port is dirty/dusty. The connector may be clogged with dust. In addition, it is necessary to make sure that it’s good and should not be loose.

Following this 3 step and your iPhone X still not charging? Then there is nothing to worry about – you can’t deal with charging issue. It’s always better contacting a specialist who works on logic boards. They can definitely can resolve you problem. Here is the some tips, how to replace charging IC chip on iPhone X. Step by step:

Step 1:

Separating Sandwich board on the logic board

Step 2:

Replacing Charging IC Chip U3300, once we replace this component we can assemble the Sandwich board

Note: This component get’s bad if you use Aftermarket Chargers or Car Chargers.


Step 3:

Testing is most important part. Make sure the phone is charging properly and you didn’t damaged anything during the repair process. As result you can see on the Pics it’s taking normal charge.