NiceRepair is a world leading electronics repair business solutions provider who was established in 2012 in Belarus(Europe). We are committed to delivering one-stop services Solution, Technical Support Solution as well as Recycle & Resell Solution for worldwide customers ranging from repair shops, regional distributors, refurbishing facilities to recycling and reverse logistics companies across the world.

How We Do

To address the uprising one-stop service needs from our customers, NiceRepair established an unique sourcing and technical expert team to deliver real value creating services covering high quality parts,  professional equipments,  technical training,  recycling and third-party repairing  as well as latest market information exchanging. We have the most clear and transparent quality classification and High standards in the electronics parts industry. Our regional office in Huntington Beach California, USA.

What We Want

The rapid evolving electronics industry has brought us not only more convenient life style but also e-waste headache. Our shop wants to play a positive role together with our customers by the business activities such as recycle, repair, refurbish and resell. To realize this goal, all of our activities should be conducted by upholding the principle that we should win together with customers, employees and partners.

All Brands And All Models

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3 Months Warranty On All Repairs

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