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Often, when charging port gets dusty or moisture, the lower connector may fail.

Most often, due to moisture, the 30-pin connector fails, and these connectors are most susceptible to mechanical damage. So, in the case of using non-certified chargers, if the contact groups do not match, the connector may break, most often this happens from the corners of the part. You can check the integrity of the connector without using special laboratory devices, such as a myroscope, this can be done visually without magnification or with a small one using a magnifying glass.

8-pin connectors, they are lightning, usually fail due to dust, due to the small internal space inside the iPhone, dust and other dirt accumulate in it much more easily, which makes the connector unusable.

It is worth noting that contacts breakdown at such a connector is an extremely rare cause of a malfunction.

With this malfunction, in some cases, the lower connector can be restored, and in some cases only its complete replacement will fix the problem.

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