IPHONE X/XS/XS MAX Water Damage Troubleshooting

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iPhone water damage has always been a frustrating and difficult issue for repair technicians. Things can also be much more difficult when it comes with iPhone X/XS/XS Max. What you usually do with ? Got your unique repair thoughts? Well, don’t panic! Our iPhone X water damage repair blog today shall definitely enlighten you.

Press the power button to turn on the phone but there is no response at all. Let’s take apart the phone and remove the display assembly first. Connect the battery connector with the DC Power Supply. Current reading on the ammeter jumps to 100mA and then stays still, which is abnormal.

Step 1 Motherboard Separating
Place the motherboard on the specialized Heating Platform. With temperature of the platform reaching the set temperature. Detach the upper layer and the lower layer from the platform with tweezers.

Step 2 Fault Finding
Check the two layers under the Microscope, and we can see nothing goes wrong with the upper layer. Pay attention areas on the lower layer obvious signs of water damage. Let’s clean the motherboard first.

Step 3 Fault Analyzing
Attach the upper layer to the power supply and get the phone powered on with tweezers. Current reading on the ammeter jumps to 100mA and then stays still, which is abnormal. Connect the battery connector on the upper layer and powered on. Current reading on the ammeter is normal. Judging by this, the upper layer has nothing to do its turning on.  So our next move is to further measure the lower layer.

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