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Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Repair

Discover the new Nintendo Switch. The video game system you can play at home or on the go. If your Nintendo Switch broken or not charging? We repair Nintendo Switch all repairs or replacement parts comes with 90 days warranty.

The Switch offers something no other system does: the ability to switch between a home console and handheld device. The versatile game console can be docked for play on your home TV or computer, and it can transform into a portable system for gaming on the go. However, gaming on the go often results in accidental drops, scratched displays, and cracked screens.

If you’re in need of Nintendo Switch screen repair, hurry into a NiceRepair store. Because our stores carry a wide variety of replacement parts and professional repair tools, we don’t keep you waiting. We can often complete minor repairs while you wait, or within days if a special part is needed. Plus with a limited lifetime warranty on replacement parts and labor associated with the repair, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Repair

Few things are more annoying than a Joy-Con controller issues during a game. Whether your Joy-Con continually disconnects or your regularly experiencing “drifting,” our team of expert technicians is here to help. At NiceRepair, our technicians can quickly diagnose and fix wide spread Nintendo Switch issues like drifting and disconnecting.

In addition to Joy-Con repairs and screen replacements, NiceRepair also fixes a number of other common Nintendo Switch problems, including poor battery life, cracked casing, bent casing, or software glitches. No matter what issue is plaguing your device, we can help.

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    iPhone Audio Codec Repair

    iPhone 7 7+ audio codec replacement with 90 days warranty

    Samsung Screen Replacement

    We offer service for all Samsung Models. Fast repair. Genuine Samsung spare parts used. Warranty on all Samsung repairs.

    Nintendo Switch repair in Huntington Beach, CA

    We can repair your apple iPhone, smartphone, and iPad. Low price and fast repair. Most problems can be fixed in 30 minutes

    iPad Pro and Tablet Repair

    We can repair your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. Low price and fast repair. Most problems can be fixed in 30 minutes

    iWatch Screen repair

    We can repair your iPhone or iWatch, Smartphone or Tablet. Low price and fast repair. Most problems can be fixed in 30 minutes

    MacBook Air MacBook Pro iMac Computer repair

    We can repair or replace your broken screen on many types of Smartphones and iPhone's, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

    iPhone No Service and iPad Network Issues

    We repair all network related faults like No Service, Weak signal, Call drop, No minimum inspection or diagnose charges.

    Screen Protection

    We install Screen Protector / Tempered Glass, We have a large selection of screen protectors for all brands of smartphones

    iPhone Rear Glass Replacement

    We will replace all models smartphone, iPhone broken/cracked or scratched screen glass at affordable price

    Water Damage Repair

    We are leading service provider We fix your water or liquid damaged mobile phones, iPad, tablets, or iPhones

    iPhone Touch Problem

    Touch pad does not work, Broken Touchpad, Touch pad does work in some portion, we fix all smartphones and tablets

    Phone Battery Replacement in Huntington Beach

    Battery replacement services for all smartphones and iPhones. does not charge, battery drain fast, does not charge completely.

    Charging Port Repair

    We fix all Charging problems, Boot loop, keeps restarting, won't charge, slow charging, won't hold a charge, etc

    Software Issues

    OS related problems, software upgrades, Network unlocking, country unlocking for all smartphones and iphones

    iPhone Water Damage Troubleshooting

    We fix all brands smartphones and iPhones at good price with well trained professional and provide warranty

    Even the most difficult repairs

    One of the priority areas of our service is the repair and maintenance of Apple  and Android products. We are constantly improving our skills, improving equipment and expanding the stock of necessary spare parts.